Vivid Sydney

For the entire month, Sydney has its annual festival “Vivid Sydney.” All of the buildings in the downtown around the harbor are illuminated in beautiful colors and different street vendors and restaurants put on displays for the people. In the end, the entire city rallies into a huge party near the harbor.

Vivd 1

In a beautiful display that I had never seen before, large projectors put “movies” onto the sides of buildings and the result is really quite amazing. The buildings seem to change colors, melt and explode in a vivid kaleidescope of action.

All of the buildings are lighted up in Vivid colors and there is a festive mood in the air.

Vivid 2

It was really something like I’ve nevver seen before; Have a look at this video

Each year,  Vivid Sydney runs from the third week in May until the end of the first week in June.