Swine Flu

“…here, take the mask…”

After my return to Ulaanbaatar, to my disappointment I found that the city was still in a state of paralysis.  Pretty much everything to include government offices, museums and most big tourist draws were closed.  At the State Department store I ran across this H1N1 Swine Flu “action team” handing out surgical masks in an attempt to encourage the UB residents to wear masks.  I choose to “pass” on the mask… In the parking lot in front of the State Department store, they were erecting a huge 40′ tall Christmas tree.  I found  this a bit unusual for a Buddhist country, but hey, I guess the stores are looking for a good holiday to encourage consumerism.

The team approached everyone coming in and out of the store and also handed out flyers that promoted the use of the masks.  A media team filmed the whole thing and I saw some excerpts that evening on the news.

I found a shot of the inside entrance to the State Department store in this group of photos and decided to add it so that you can see a Mongolian “mall.”


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