layovers, layovers

If ever you find that you have 1/2 a day in an airport, don’t just sit there in the terminal, get out and see some sights!  I’ve mentioned this as a travel hint on another page and I had about 6 or 7 hours between flights in London en route to Dubai from the US.  I checked my carry on bag with the checked luggage counter and made my way to the tube and caught a train into town.  Along the way I was able to see the beautiful English countryside (above) and listen to the Londoners chat as they rode to work.  It was a nice to get out of the airport after a 12 hour flight from America.

I didn’t go all the way into downtown London, my goal was only to find a decent breakfast outside of the airport.  I asked some of the locals if they knew of a nice restaurant where I could find some brekkie and was told to get off at this stop, walk about 100 meters in that direction and I’d see a white Tudor building.  I followed the instructions and saw the little inn (below) and made my way inside.

It was a classic little English inn and breakfast and the middle-aged “Mom” looking lady offered me a seat and a menu.  I ordered some eggs over easy, a muffin and some bacon (not really bacon, I don’t think that the English know how to make bacon, instead you get some thick strips of pork that are a bit rubbery but still with a nice flavor) and a cup of strong black coffee.  I did have to adjust to the smoke as a few patrons were having their breakfast cigarettes.  There were some complimentary local newspapers and I read about the latest local and international events and affairs.

And so, if you ever have some spare time at an airport and your passport affords you the opportunity to travel – get out there!  A half day in another country can be quite an experience.  You never know what adventure you may find.


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