Salvadoran roadside motel

My first inclination was to name this post “Salvadoran Sex Hotel,” but I didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about me.  Indeed, these roadside motels that I’ve come across all over Central America seem to cater towards lovemaking rendezvous.  As you can see in the photo above, there is a strategically placed mirror by the bed, a roll of tissues for clean up, condoms in every ashtray and streaming porn on the cable television.  As I had written in a previous post, you can get your room keys at a gate booth and you never have to exit your car.  Actually, they don’t give you keys – instead – they give you a garage door clicker and you just pull in to the apartment and close the garage door behind you.

And while these hotel/motels cater to love-making couples who are looking for a discreet hideout, they are also ideal for backpackers who are travelling in private cars; you can be assured that your vehicle is safe, the hotel itself is secure and it has all of the standard amenities that you would expect (toilet, shower, tv, etc).  Of course, you have to get past the “creepy” feeling of sleeping in a bed with linens of “unknown” quality.  In my case, I put down my own sheet and sleeping bag.

Despite the “ups” of these motels, this one was in El Salvador and I found it to be a little lacking in quality compared to the motels in Mexico.  For example, the water, as it came out of the tap, wasn’t quite clear as you can see in the photo below.  Nevertheless, I did sleep well knowing that the truck wouldn’t get broken into and no one would steal my bags while I slept.

And adding to the “creepy” feeling, just before I turned out the lights, I saw this little critter.  I made sure to put my hand next to him for scale.  Yes, the spiders in El Salvador are quite huge.  I gave him an escort outside and slept a little lighter as I imagined huge spiders crawled across my face while I slept!

All in all, if you are travelling through Central America by car, these motels are a great way to go offering safety, quiet and warmth.  Just be sure to bring your own sheets!


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