Pushkar cultural show and fire breathers

Wow, talk about a goofy looking photo!  9 months working with interpreters 14 hours a day with no days off tends to wear on you.  Add in two weeks in India and questionable visits to the toilet and you get run down quickly.  Needless to say, India is not easy travel.  If you decide to come, fatten up a bit before you leave home!

Cliff and Tamala invited me to a “cultural show.”  It sounded really good so I agreed to come along.  I mentioned it to my Aussie friends and they said that they would come later.

There was a nice mix of locals and expats and everyone was enjoying some nice drinks and some hot chai tea as the show began.

Some magicians came out and did some tricks and amazed the crowd.  I only brought my little tiny camera and shot a few shots as best as I could.

Later, Rajasthan dancers came out and put on a variety of dances to different music and it was quite entertaining.  I thought that the clothing was bright and colorful and quite beautiful.  After Cliff and Tamala left, I found Claire, Bradley, & Jennifer and joined them for the rest of the evening.  They let Bradley go on stage and juggle his kerosine-drenched (flaming) juggling balls and I took a gazillion photos with Jennifer’s Nikon.  I’ll have to email her for some of those pics; Jen, if you read this, email me some of your SLR pics – LOL.

The grand finale was what everyone was waiting for; the fire breathers.  And they did not disappoint.  These guys launched flame-thrower sized dragon breath flames out of their mouths.  I was genuinely afraid that one of them would catch himself on fire.  The crowd oohed and aahed with each flame as it lit up the otherwise dark courtyard.  I had seen some fire-breathing before, but these were the largest flames I had ever seen.

I visited in Pushkar for a few more days and then worked my way back to Delhi by way of Jaipur.  But, I decided to compress the photos in these last few posts.  I could write a few more entries, but I think it would start to become a bit redundant.  And, I have 12 more years of travel-blogs to write…  so, with this, I close out India until my next visit.

And so I wrap up my short visit to India.  I vow to return next time when I have more time.  I will (next time) remember to bring, my Cipro, Pepto, SLR camera, & mosquito net.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time here – as hectic as it was.  The people were warm and friendly.  The culture was diverse and interesting and the landscape was stunning in its variation and beauty.  I can see now the popularity and allure of India and vow to return again in the future.


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