Kazan walking street


After visiting the Kazan Kremlin, I went for a haircut.  Last month, when a man from Pakistan cut my hair and I told him only cut this much (showing about 3/4′ between my fingers), he cut off all my hair except for three-quarters of an inch.  Did I learn my lesson?  No.  Just as my hair grows out, I see a barber shop in the Kazan walking street district.  “Blah blah blah, something or other in Russian.”  I hold up my fingers and say, “Only cut off this much.”  Yeah, she cut it all off except for that amount.  Doh!  Now I look like a porcupine.

Strolling through the walking district and did some people watching, did some shopping, snapped a few photos.  I talked to some Russian soldiers about their uniforms and they asked me about my upcoming trip to Siberia.






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