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If I had thought that crossing over a frozen river on a 900 pound horse was scary, what about a 3,000 pound Scooby-doo van?  Yeah, we crossed over 3 or 4 rivers and streams, each time the ice groaned and cracked under our weight.  My guides were experienced at crossing frozen rivers, so I took some comfort in that but it just seemed so unnatural to hear the ice creak and crack and groan as it did…

Back in Altai Village, we (again) had chai with goat (or horse) milk, some bread and said our goodbyes to Dalaihan and Alpamys.  I took some photos from the front seat of the car of Dalaihan, his mother, daughter, and brother.  Altai Village is wired into the electical grid so we were also able to recharge our cellular phones and camera batteries.

As we drove through the village, I saw some locals dressed in the traditional Kazakh clothing and captured their photos.  I really enjoyed seeing the traditional costume dress, the clothes were culturally unique and seemed to be quite warm as well.


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