Mongolian beer bottle opener

I was really quite surprised, when at the hunting lodge, Baatar mentioned to me that Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize.  I had not heard about it until then.  After we discussed the merits of him receiving the prize, we talked about some of the “inventions” that should have also earned the Nobel prize.  I’ve heard the pros and cons about his getting the reward, but I can say this: he has certianly bridged the gap between the US and many other nations (Russia comes to mind).

Later, it became a running joke throughout the week as we pointed out some of the “genius” inventions that should have received the prize: the hooded sweatshirt, the timer on the digital camera, the bic lighter, and of course, the bottle opener.

Forget the bottle opener; one of the most clever inventions I had seen yet was the bottle opener built right into the bottom of the Kazakh & Mongolian beer bottles.  When you need to pop a bottle cap off, you just insert it into another beer bottle bottom and twist it right off.  I captured this video of it in action:




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