leaving the hunting lodge

Before we departed the hunting lodge I wanted to get some photos of Dalaihan’s family and in-laws.  In the evening before our last day and on the morning that we departed, I shot these photos.  The family was so warm and welcoming; they really made me feel at home.  I would highly recommend an eagle hunt to anyone who is visiting Mongolia in the winter time.  Pictured above are Dalaihan’s nephews Jargal and Jankhai, their aunt, and their mother Khashy.  In the photo below, my guide Baatar, our driver Khavlet, and the same boys in the top photo.

Here is another shot of Jargal & Jankhai:

I also took a shot of the solar power panel that provided us with light each evening.  It was amazing that a little 14” panel could charge a 12 volt car battery and provide light all night long.

One of my favorite photo subjects on this trip was Dalaihan and his eagle.  The bird was massive and majestic and I could stare at it for hours.


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