Pearl Palace Hotel

Later in the evening Carol and I met up with her friend Natasha who she had worked with teaching English in India.  We linked up with Rainer and Tanya and we all went to a restaurant that has been recommended to us by the young man from Switzerland that was painting his own Taj Mahal postcards.  I still can’t believe that he mails those out.

The Peacock Rooftop restaurant is atop the 6 story Pearl Palace Hotel.  It has a lovely view of the city and the food is just wonderful.  Between the 5 of us, we were able to try about 8 different Indian dishes.  Including some garlic nan (flat bread), drinks, rice, and 8 menu items, our bill came out to about $1.80 per person.  Unbelievable.  The hotel owner, Mr. Singh, puts on his favorite Indian CD.  With the beautiful night view of Jaipur, the flickering candles, and the traditional music, it was a night to remember.   The roof-top hotel restaurant had a wonderful view of the city that provided a beautiful ambiance while we enjoyed our wonderful dinner (second photo below).  After dinner, we went up to the top balcony and I shot a photo down below of the diners as they enjoyed their dinner.  Mr. Singh agreed to take our photo (above).

Mr. Sing is a Sikh; I’ve learned on this trip that Sikhs are VERY trustworthy and chivalrous.  I believe that if you had to go to the restroom, you could hand a Sikh your camera and wallet, and it will be there when you get back.  The do not cut their hair or beards but instead wear it in a turban on their heads.  In an unfortunate page of our history, some ignorant Americans targeted and killed some Sikhs after 9/11 in the mistaken belief that they were muslims.  Even if they were Muslims, how is killing a random person justified?  I am sometime appalled at the ignorance of some of my coutrymen.

As is typical of his hospitality, Mr. Singh invited us for a tour of his hotel.

… Mr. Singh takes us on a tour of his hotel…

Mr. Singh has spent the last 18 years of his life creating this magnificent hotel.  He has constructed a theme for each floor and for each room.  The rooms are individually decorated with Indian artifacts and art, some painted by his own family.  The ceilings were hand painted in beautiful frescoes and the rooms were well-kept and looked extremely comfortable.  Mr. Singh’s hotel is so popular that it is always booked out.  I had tried to get rooms there for 3 days but he was booked out weeks in advance.  We asked him how much his rooms ran for.  When he told us, we all stood there with our mouths open in shock to hear that he only charges 400 Rupees (about $9) for a double (2006).  It is no wonder that his hotel is always sold out.  In my book I have been reading about his religion.  The Sikhs and their sense of honesty and chivalry deeply impress me.

Even the common rooms are decked out with beautiful furniture, rugs, vases, and beautiful paintings.  Mr. Singh explained that in these rooms his guests enjoyed tea, read a book, or surfed the internet.

Between each floor, the rooms have outdoor patios that are decorated in themes and are lavishly decorated with beautiful handicrafts and Indian decorations.

If you are going to be staying in Jaipur, I give the Pearl Palace Hotel my best recommendation.  You can find it at:

Mr Vidyut OR Mr Dorje( Manager ) Mobile : 09414236323
Mr S. P. Singh ( Proprietor ) Mobile : 09414066311


Hari Kishan Somani Marg,Hathroi Fort,
Near Vidhayakpuri Police Station,
Behind Hero Honda Showroom, Ajmer Road,
Jaipur – 302001.India


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