digging to America

On the beach we saw an English-Chinese boy digging in the sand with his father.  I couldn’t resist, “Look, he’s digging all the way to America.”  I know that its not possible to dig all the way to China by digging a hole in the ground in America, but as kids we all wondered if it was possible.

As Chinese New Year approaches the hotels are packing out; it seems that more and more people arrive each day…

The beaches were packing out and I could only wonder what this place would look like in a week; we would be in Guilin, but here, there would be fireworks and all kinds of celebrations.  I almost wish we were staying, so we did the best we could relaxing and swimming.  The Amazon Kindle became an invaluable beach tool and we read many books while listening to the sound of the surf and the smell of the salt water and suntan lotion.


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