cows, cows and more cows

While I was uploading my “old” travel stories and photos (they were previously emailed to friends and family & I’m just now getting around to blogging them some 4 years later) and I realized that there were so many cows in my shots.  I took a look at 24 hours worth of photos from 12 & 13 October and realized that I had all of these cows plus the cow shot on the previous “Pushkar” blog post.  Yes, India really has a lot of cows…

The cows seem to roam around the city eating what every happens to be “left” on the street (below) & drinking wherever there is standing water (above).  I can’t testify to the health of the cows and as I didn’t eat any burgers in India I can’t gauge their consistency based on my digestion.  They seemed cute enough – when they weren’t blocking traffic and I was in a hurry…

The cows seem to be the local variety adapted to the warm weather; they carry a large flap of skin under their neck that acts like a great radiator or air conditioner.  The wind blows past and cools the blood inside.

It seems that the cows were always drinking from the gutter (below) and considering what one finds in the gutter, one can be glad that cows are not eaten with regularity here…  Near where this cow was drinking I spotted a pig bathing in the same open gutter trench (second photo below).

This fine specimin allowed me to take his photo with the Pushkar Lake in the background.

This “newbie” is learning the ropes and checking wrappers to determine what is and what isn’t lunch.  The young cows always have a certain passive and innocent look.  It’s nice to think that this cow will live to old age without fear of McDonalds or Burger King…


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