Pushkar monkeys

As I began my first full day exploring Pushkar I came (quickly) to the realization that the cows, pigs, and dogs are not the only animal inhabitants here; Pushkar is loaded end to end with monkeys.  Walking round the lake I came across a large group of them as they were picking fruit from a tree.

There were quite a few babies and they never strayed far from their mommies.

There is an almost human look when you watch a monkey.  They look just like people, maybe not as smart, but they always look perplexed, like they are trying to figure everything out.

This guy appeared to be one of the leaders of the pack and he watched out over all of the other monkeys.  After my experience at the Taj Mahal, I made sure to keep a safe distance from these interesting creatures.

Oh my, look at that, another cow…  even the monkeys seem to have taken notice…


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