Multsuk Sand Dunes

I’ve always liked sand dunes, so I was excited to see the sand dunes in the Gobi.  We were nearing the end of a long day and the chance to stretch our legs while climbing the dunes was a welcome break from the truck.  It was still quite cold outside; not as cold as the North Gobi, but it was still only hit a high of about 18 Celsius (about -8 F).  I had Simya drop me off at the first dune while he and Soyoloo drove on to the next – in this way I was able to shoot a photo of our truck in front of the dunes to give them some scale of size.

In every direction there was nothing but desert.  For the entire afternoon we didn’t see anyone at all and it was nice to have the entire horizon to myself…

It is quite amazing to see the dunes just rise up out of the desert, the floor of the desert is small pebble and rock and the sand dune just climbs above it all.

I noticed how any object left laying on the floor of the desert (in this case a camel terd) collects sand as the wind blows it.  I began to wonder if at the bottom of each of these large dunes rested a camel or horse…?


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