Lake Baikal

Lake  Baikal is known as the “Pearl of Siberia.”  It is a massive lake, as big as any of the Great Lakes on the American-Canadian border.  It is the worlds deepest lake and contains 90% of Russia’s fresh water.  There is a big conservation movement to keep its waters clean.  They are remarkably clean and on some days the visibility looking down from a boat is 100 feet or more.  Ideally, the lake is visited during the summer time (when it’s warm, duh!) or during January when the lake freezes over.  The water is so clear that the ice also freezes clear making a glass-like cover over the water.

We walked around the edge of the lake checking out the shoreline and other attractions and sites.  It was unbelievably cold that afternoon, perhaps one of the coldest experiences of my life.  It would take me two days before I felt at a “normal” temperature.  I look forward to visiting Baikal next time during the Summer months.

Meanwhile, back in Sludyanka, Saturday night at the town’s only bar was as busy as it was going to be…

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