heading to Yoshkar Ola


At the Kazan train station, I saw some gypsies begging for money.  I have seen them at nearly every city that I have visited.  Notably in Odessa, I saw an older woman and 3 younger women have a “strategy” meeting in the main walking street.  She pointed to 2 or 3 restaurants and to the McDonalds.  Each of the young women went to their “assigned” work area and began panhandling for change.  The girl who came to my restaurant appeared to be about 18 or 19 years old.  She carried her young baby as she went from table to table on the patio.  When she finished making her rounds, she tried to go inside the restaurant but was driven out by a waitress.  Outside the Kazan station, I realized that I did not have a photo of any gypsies so I shot one from a distance.


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