The plan was simple; head to the beach for Christmas!  All I had to do was get down to the south of China.  All the way down to the bottom of the country to Hainan Island – China’s own “Hawaii.”  After a quick visit in Yangshuo, Erica escorted me to Guilin and took me around the town to show the sites.  It was so nice to have along a local who could speak the language and answer out questions for me.

In the photo above, shot from my hotel room, you can see the lovely mountains that make this part of China so distinct.  While they are much thicker in Yangshuo, they still surround Guilin making for beautiful horizons.  After we dropped our luggage, Erica took me out on the town.  This would be my last time seeing Erica and Curry as I would return to America from Hainan.

Later, Erica took me to the “famous” glass bridge.  It seemed to draw quite a few tourists and the sidewalks were full of (mostly) Chinese from in and out of town.  As we worked our way down the sidewalk path that ran along the lake, we came upon the remnants of a fight.  One Chinese man had been beaten by another and was sitting on the ground, his face bloodied.   It was the only episode of violence I had witnessed in 3 trips to China.

Later, when we reached the bridge, I was disappointed to learn that we could not cross.  Everyone looked at me as if I was insane, “It’s a glass bridge, you can’t walk on it.”  Oh, I guess I hadn’t thought of that!


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