Suukhbaatar Square revisited

On my way back from my brief visit to the National Museum, I went past the one tourist attraction that I knew would be open, the Sukbatar Square.  I noticed the swastika motif on the fence and on the tile work surrounding the parliament building.  The swastika is a commonly used symbol in Asia and has religious meanings for the Hindus and the Buddhists.

It was my first visit to the square during full daylight so I took the opportunity to get a daytime shot of Chenggis Khan.  In front of the statue of the Emperor, I saw a Mongolian family in traditional dress and stood off 20 feet or so and used the zoom lens to capture some shots.

While the father was posing with his two sons, I noticed that the daughter was staring at me.  I took the opportunity to grab a photo of her as well.  She seemed very inquisitive of me but the look on her face seemed more annoyed – LOL.

I also grabbed a shot of the statue of the general and the parliament building in daylight.  On my walk back to my hotel, I saw another Mongolian in traditional dress and thought that the photo captured an “average” day in the life of people walking on Peace and Freedom Boulevard.


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