My host, who happens to live in the suburb of Freemantle, took me for a drive to her home town.  We took a drive through town looking at so many million dollar homes that would sell for about a hundred grand in Texas.  Freemantle is a lovely and quiet town and – as described by my host – is being financially inflated due to the mining boom in Western Australia.  Mining has created hundreds of jobs and the young miners are spending their fat pay on houses, Harley Davidson motorcycles (extremely popular here), exotic cars and at bars and restaurants.  It seemed that ever watering hole was full of blue collar workers watching this Australian Rules Football match or that.  When we finally arrived to park at the beach we found an open spot behind a Ferrari; also parked nearby was a Porsche 911 Turbo, an Audi sports car and some other high-end autos.

We chose a trendy sea-food restaurant and ordered up some lunch.  This was my first experience with a menu that was genuinely Australian.  Australian cooking is a fusion of western, eastern and Indian cooking and I found that our dishes (prawns on one plate, chicken on the other) was like eating a dish that had an Arabic, Indian and western cooks.  There were vegetables and chicken over kos kos, all sorts of eastern spices and a mix that provided so many flavor combinations that it was hard to pin down one from the other.  The food was spectacular and I can’t wait to try some more!

A walk on the beach provided some beautiful views of the ocean.  At first I thought I was looking at a school of dolphins but realized it was the local University’s swim team plowing along through the surf.  The beach had a lovely path, grass parks and little workout stations that would be perfect for Crossfit.  One station had pull-up bars, stair step logs, dip bars, sit-up hooks and all sorts of other stations to get a proper workout.

Just looking at the water made me crave some swimming and scuba diving.  I suppose that I should head north to get in a bit of beach action as the climate here is cooling already…


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