Expensive Australia

So you want to visit Western Australia?  Bring a fat bankroll – its not cheap!  Especially in the Outback; the further you get from Perth, the more expensive it gets.  Perth is expensive enough on its own but when you get out to some of the small towns, things get downright expensive.  Here are some of the prices we paid for things on the Perth to Exmouth and back tour.  Above, you can see that the price for a candy bar is over $3.  At the time of writing, an Australian Dollar is on par with an American Dollar.  Below, you can see the price for a case of beer – and that was beer on sale!  I paid as much as $75 for a case of beer.  It seemed to me that beers were $4 for a single, $2 each for a six pack and a buck fifty if you got a case or more.

Ever paid $2 for a coke (outside of a restaurant)?  It seemed that EVERYTHING in the Outback cost two to four times what it costs elsewhere.  Some of the other prices I paid were $21 for a 750 gram bag of pistachios (1 1/2 pound bag), $18 for cashews (1 pound bag), $6 for a small can of peanuts and $1.10 for an apple.  Yes, ONE APPLE!

Add a lime slice to your beer?  Limes were selling for $1.80 a piece and lemons were just under a dollar.  Expect European prices for a tank of petrol.  The great equalizer on this trip was home cooked meals and camping (versus hotels).  I spent twice as much money in 2 months on this trip in Australia than I spent traveling 4 months on my Trans-Siberian tour in 2009.  You can get by on the cheap in Australia, but it isn’t easy.


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