Mexican exotic food

I’ve seen some exotic food before: dog and cat in China and Korea.  But, I didn’t expect to see “exotic” food in Mexico save for a bowl of Menudo.  When I came across this food stand (below) I wasn’t sure what these snacks were. When I got closer I saw that they were crickets!  I spoke with the vendor and she told me that they are quite a popular menu item in Oaxaca.  I watched as the locals took them by the bag and popped them into their mouths like popcorn.  I decided to give one a try and it was awful!  It was quite bitter and I didn’t like it at all.

On a sweeter note, the local vendors were selling honey still in its honeycombs (above).  But, no one had bothered to brush off the bees who were still “hanging around” on the combs as though they were still in the hive!


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