Karijini memorial lookout

Outside of Karijini is a tourist overlook that has come to be a sort of a travelers memorial.  I inquired a bit and no one I talked to seemed to know the history of it but it was quite interesting.  We pulled our van up and got out to look at the view and we noticed that ringing the parking lot were painted rocks dedicated to the dead.  The stones were dedicated to old and young alike and it seemed that the dedications were for people from all around the world.

We saw dedications to sons, daughters, mothers and fathers and to friends and loved ones.  It was sad to see the memorials to those who had died but it was heartening that they were remembered.  I suppose that if you were to pick a place to memorialize someone, this would be it.

I did a little research into this lookout and it seems to be a tradition to write the name of a loved one who has past and leave it here.  The tradition seems to have spread to visiting tourists and we saw hundreds and hundreds of memorial stones.

The red earth stood out starkly against the blue sky and all around beautiful purple and maroon flowers bent in the light breeze.  I suppose if you had to pick a place to leave a memorial for someone, this would be the perfect place.


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