Triple and Dragon Bridges

… Ljubljana’s famous Triple Bridge…

After our wonderful lunch, Sabina took me around town and showed me some more of the sites.  The famous “Triple-bridge” (Tromostovje) runs across the canal and connects Preseren Square with the rest of the city.  Two pedestrian bridges were added to the existing bridge in the 1930′s to expand walking capacity and have become a tourist favorite.

By now, the sun was peeking out between the clouds and we were able to fold up the umbrellas and have a nice walk about town.  Sabina was a great tour guide and showed me all of the landmarks and tourist attractions.  In the photo below, she’s standing on the triple bridge pointing out some items of interest.  In the background is the Preseren Statue and Franciscan Cathedral.

I tried to get a shot of all three bridges, but unless I went up high into one of the buildings, this shot of a man and his children on a walk was about the best I could get.

It seems that the Slovenians love their poets.  Immortalized in this beautiful sculpture in front of the pink Cathedral is the 19th Century poet France Preseren.  Preseren was pals with Vodnik, the other fellow with the nice statue in the next square a block over.  It is a bit refreshing to be in the capital of a country that pays the highest respects to artists rather than those who have waged war.  Not that I’m knocking the American sculptures and memorials, but it is a bit refreshing to see attention dedicated to those who propagate the arts and humanity.

We worked our way over to one of Ljubljana’s most famous landmarks, the Dragon Bridge.  The beautiful little bridge has 4 dragons, one on each corner standing guard.  They were quite beautiful in design and I could only imagine how crowded this bridge must be during the summer time.

Sabina captured this shot of me under one of the Dragons as I played out the role of eager tourist and she did a fabulous job as tour guide and gracious host.  I used to watch the tourists as they ogled and awed at the Hollywood stars on the Walk of Fame and as they stared at and took photos of the Hollywood sign.  I suppose I look much the same to the residents of Ljubljana as they bustled about to work or to lunch while I smiled sheepishly under a bronze dragon sculpture.

Even the street lights were formed as artistic sculptures each supported on the back of a Griffin (lion with wings and a bird head).

Again and again I noticed so many couples; it seemed like everyone in Ljubljana was in love.  As I shot a photo of the dragon bridge, I noticed these two couples and used the pretext of shooting the dragon to capture their photos.

Local legend holds that if one of the dragons waves his tail, it means that a virgin has crossed the bridge.  I didn’t ever see the dragons’ tails wag and I’m not sure if this is evidence of the inaccuracy of old legends or a testament to the liberal nature of the local residents…


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