At first I was not going to include these photos as a blog entry, but after some contemplation, I reconsidered my earlier decision.  This site is dedicated to travel and the sites I’ve seen around the world and as this was a friend’s volleyball match – I wasn’t sure that it fell under the “travel” definition.  But, as I thought about it, it seemed more appropriate.  I thought that if I was in China and invited to a ping-pong match, or if I was invited to a cricket match in Pakistan, surely I would post those photos.  So, I thought, why not?  Sure, we have volleyball in the US, but this is a “fly on the wall” view of the life of regular Slovenian people while they recreate.  I’m sure that the friends and family wouldn’t mind seeing how some in Slovenia get their excercise.

As I remember it, Sabina had a volleyball match and a badminton match later in the evening.  Yes, the American couch potato society could take a lesson…  While I was midterm with some online classes, I had a term paper due in the same week.  Not wanting to interrupt my vacation time, I took my homework along with me.  While watching the match, I plugged away at the paper – yes, I multi-tasked it and got an “A” – LOL.

The game was fun to watch and a few times I almost got nailed by a wayward ball as I had my nose buried in my books 1/2 the time.  All the players were real good sports and there seemed to be a very friendly atmosphere between the contestants.  I finished my paper about 2/3rds of the way through the match and was able to talk with some of the other spectators.  This gave me a wonderful chance to talk to some Slovenian people who were not familiar to me.  We chatted a bit about work, travel, America, and Slovenia.

Later, we went to the badminton tournament and Sabina placed in the top 3 and received a nice medal.  The badminton courts had a lovely cafe and the spectators were snacking, drinking coffee and beer, and again, I had a chance to talk with some of the locals.

Having been buried eyeballs deep in office work for the past two years, I felt a bit guilty about my own physical fitness and while at this match I made the resolution to get into better shape.  Upon return from this vacation, I enrolled into a Crossfit (www.crossfit.com)  program – and ever since, I’ve been in much better physical shape.  Nothing that I’ve ever done (to include military training) “kicks your butt” more than Crossfit.  It literally alters your physique in a few months…


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