Creationist Geology

Whenever I see something like this I just have to roll my eyes in disgust.  Clearly, a creationist has gone and scratched out the millions of years entry on this placard because they think that the world is only five or six thousand years old.  I can accept that this person is ignorant of science and probably has never studied geology, genetics, archaeology or any of the other sciences, but where in their religious learning did they come to the belief that it is a valid practice to deface public property?

Just walking around this place you can see how it took millions of years for each of these levels to be created.  In our lifetime, the soil in some places may rise a few centimeters.  When you add up a kilometer or soil that solidifies to rock and then is upended until it sticks vertical out of the desert you can easily see that it took more than six thousand years.  But of course, logic and science goes right out the window when you read a book written by some unknown Hebrew guy three or so thousand years ago.  Interesting, he wasn’t around at the time of creation either, he just wrote down his Grandfather’s story that was given to him by his Grandfather.  Geez, even the Catholic Church has accepted and recognized the age of the Earth at 13 billion years!  And the Vatican has even gone so far as to accept that evolution has and continues to occur.

The photo below explains how some of the sand dunes were compressed into rock and form some of the rock shapes we see today.  Ask a creationist who believes the 6,000 year old Earth age and they can’t begin to explain geologic processes.  I actually heard one say that God created all of these geological formations to confound geologists.  Now I’ve heard everything!


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