Jaws Sushi

As expensive as it is, Perth has a nice selection of Sushi restaurants.  And yes, the Sushi is expensive as well.  I saw a Sushi restaurant across the street from the Perth Mint and I decided to give it a go.  Jaws Sushi runs a chain of Sushi restaurants in Western Australia and I was immediately intrigued by the way that the Sushi was presented for sale.  Instead of ordering from a menu you pick your entrées off of a moving conveyor belt.  I wasn’t sure about the pricing and then I looked at the directions on the wall and saw that each dish was priced according to its plate’s color.

If you look at the photo below you can see the colored plates stacked up behind the counter.  The Shush chef places each dish on its appropriate plate and looking at my receipt I see that a brown dish is $4.20, a yellow plate is $3.10 and I believe that the red plates were in the $5 range and the white plates were about $7.  The Sushi chef busily created more and more dishes and I watched (with big eyes and an empty stomach) as they passed by my nose.  The entire restaurant is seated bar style in front of the revolving conveyor belt and you just pull off any dish that suits you and eat it on the spot.  A waitress brings around drinks as requested and aside from her help it was a “do it yourself” ordeal.  I really liked being able to pick and choose what I wanted without having to scour a menu, check prices and (most importantly) I didn’t have to wait.  It was instant gratification as you pull a dish and dig in.  The colored plates made pricing my meal a snap.  I’m looking forward to visiting here again in the future.


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