drive to the Terra Cotta Warriors

Since I was 8 years old and I saw the Terra Cotta Warriors in National Geographic Magazine, I  have dreamed of visiting them.  On this day, I was finally on the drive to their location outside of Xian.  I was very excited and double checked to make sure that I had spare batteries for my camera.

On the drive, I saw some interesting sights like the man above and decided to shoot some photos during the hour-long bus ride.  Just outside of the city I again looked in near disbelief at the thick smog that hung over the city.  It seemed that everywhere I went the pollution haze lingered like a bad reminder of what we do to our planet each day.

Just beyond the edge of this photo were some apartment buildings perhaps 300 or 400 meters away and I could barely make them out.  Looking in this photo, I can’t see them at all.

I am not sure what this policewoman was doing.  She may have been trying to direct traffic, but no one paid any attention.  The Chinese rarely follow traffic rules, having a cop on a box was more of a joke (“keep them all employed”) than not.


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