how they make noodles


On one fine morning in Sanya, we decided to go to the pearl district and do some Christmas shoppiing.  We gave a call to Becky who arranged for a car to come and pick us up and take us to the pearl wholesalers and showrooms.  But, before we left, we decided to get some breakfast noodles.  Becky said that she knew a local place that made good noodles.

As with so many of the other noodle shops, this one was owned and staffed with Chinese Mulsim Uighurs.  These friendly people made up noodles with such skill that they made it look easy.  As we ate and talked and laughed, I watched with keen interest as the noodle maker made his noodles and I thought that I would capture a video to share with you all.  I hope you enjoy it:




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