back in China!

… greeted by beautiful sunny weather in Yangshuo…

Everyone I ever talk to about my travels, they all say the same thing, “You should write a book.”  But, I’ve met more seasoned travellers with stories that I think are much cooler than mine.  But, if I ever did write a book, it would encompass the wisdom I learned from a retired Australian couple that I traveled with in South East Asia.  I remember how this couple tackled travel as though it was just one big adventure.  They were afraid of nothing and weren’t worried about inconvenience or getting stranded somewhere.  They traveled for the thrill of the adventure.  I suppose that wore off on me.

So, when I was back in North America and Anya emailed, that spirit of adventure said, “What the heck!” and I jumped the next plane back to China.  I remember the email that I sent to Mom telling her that I’d miss Christmas.  It didn’t say much, it just had a photo of Anya and I.  You never know where love will strike – and when it does, you just act on it.

Arriving in China, I took a second flight from Shanghai to Guilin and Anya picked me up at the airport.  She had hired a private driver and we drove back chatting the whole way.  The skies had cleared and we were blessed with beautiful sunny weather and once we were back in Yangshuo we visited all of our favorite spots including some cashew nut chicken (for me) and Anya’s favorite dish of cooked eggplant and vegetables.  I had never tried eggplant before this trip but came to love it; the local flavor is heavy in garlic and the taste is out of this world.  We stopped at the Back Street Cafe where restaurant manager Hanna (left side in green) greeted us and welcomed me back to China.  She was enjoying lunch with her family and we all chatted a bit and exchanged greetings.

I was craving beer fish and Erica said that she knew a restaurant that was more catered to locals than tourists and we should be able to get the “authentic” dish that is known to so many local Chinese.  Of course, we had to pick our fish – live from the fish tank – the lady swung the net over her head bludgeoning the fish against the pavement.


After 15 or 20 minutes, a massive dish of beer fish and vegetables was served.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if you come to Yangshuo China, be sure to order the beer fish!  It is amazing!  And so ended my first day back in China – I was sure that it would be another wonderful visit.


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