Yalong Bay, China

The beaches were quite warm as was the water.  Each day the crowds grew and soon there was little room to park if you came too late into the day.  All of the Chinese people were polite and calm and I thought of how the Chinese culture revered public reputation and people were leery to cause any kind of commotion.  This is such a contrast to America where some fool is always playing his music too loud, talking too loud or otherwise making a spectacle of themselves.  The tranquil harmony of China is quite soothing and made for a relaxing vacation.

Not only was the air temperature warm but the water was warm as well.  We are as far south on the globe as Vietnam and we must have been in the water for 1/2 of the day.

By mid day, the beaches were packed.  We met a few Americans, they were the only Americans we saw our entire time on Hainan.  We saw many Russians, not as many as the Chinese but the Russians were the only Europeans we saw.  It is very difficult for Russians to get visas to western Europe or to America and Canada so Hainan makes a popular destination for the old E-block countries.

Burying themselves in the sand never seems to get old for the Chinese.  Every day I saw at least a half-dozen people buried in the sand…


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