full service gas station

One thing that impressed me – in all of the countries that I visited in Central America – was the high level of service at the gas stations.  Harkening back to the 1970′s when the gas station attendant(s) checked your engine oil, tire pressure and pumped your gas for you, so it still is down south.  Every time I came to a service station to get some petrol, a small army of attendants would run out and not only check the tire pressure and oil level and pump the gas, they would also wash the windows!

In the photo above, the attendant is filling the Chevy Blazer with gas and a second attendant is checking the tire pressure – he even checked the tire pressure in the spare! (photo below).  In the third photo at the bottom you can see the third attendant who is (aggressively) scrubbing my windshield from bugs and dirt.  There are a lot of bugs in this tropical environment and it was really nice to have a clean window to look through while driving.

As much as American may have some things “figured out” in regards to business, we sure have lost the professional and courteous service of days gone by.  It was quite nice to have the car thoroughly checked out, gassed and the window cleaned before I drove on to my next destination; I think I could get used to this service!


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