Longshen Village sites

While I did spend most of me time in Longshen hiking the trails around the rice terraces, I also spent a little time in the village itself.  Still only a week in China, I was still enjoying the “newness” of the people, the culture and language.  As a very simple town, Longshen provided quite a few photo opportunities and here are a few of some of  the more interesting photos I captured.  Passing someone’s porch, I saw this dog asleep on his back.  As I shot a few photos he woke up and I liked this pic the best out of the dozen or so that I shot.

In the photo below, one of the farmers is using the irrigation ditch to clean his sweet potatoes.  These irrigation ditches not only feed into the rice terraces but are also channeled to each home so that everyone has fresh mountain water for cooking and bathing.

What is more cute than Chinese kids?  I find the kids that are all bundled up for winter fun to watch as they waddle around with all of the clothes that their Mom makes them wear.  I remember as a kid trying to play with just a t-shirt and Mom insisted that I wear a jacket.  I’m sure that parents are always colder than their kids who are running around burning up all of their childish energy.

We walked past one home and saw this caged flying squirrel.  The family was offering it for sale, as a pet or for dinner - I am not sure.  I don’t think that animal rights have made it to China yet.  We watched as another Chinese family came along and seemed to take great pleasure in tormenting this frightened little animal who hissed and bit at any fingers that came near his cage.  I was tempted to buy him so that I could set him free.

A little Grandma was walking to market with her crop of sweet potatoes.

This little boy entertained himself for about an hour with only a stick.  It made me think of the difference from most American children who have so many toys and video games and are still never satisfied.  American children are so material in want and so lacking in good education that it makes me fear for America’s future (geez, I sound like an old man now).  Most Chinese children are well mannered and seem content with simpler things; I don’t think that I’ll every buy my children video games…


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