Buddhist ovoo

Further along the road we experienced some mechanical difficulties with the truck and decided to stop to take a look under the hood.  We pulled over at the crest of a hill that had a small peak on one side and a Buddhist Ovoo on the other.  After we stopped I walked over to the ovoo to get a better look; it was the first ovoo that I had come close to.  Soyoloo came along and picked up some rocks on the way.  When he arrived, he placed the pebbles on the ovoo, said a prayer and then began his 3 circles of the ovoo in a clockwise direction.

After Soyoloo made his rounds I examined the ovoo up close to see the other offerings left by previous worshipers.  I saw that money, cigarettes and matches were left as well as other personal objects.

Above a nearby hilltop I took a photo of the landscape.  You can see our truck in the left center of the frame.  As I looked in every direction, there was nothing but sand, rock and snow for hundreds of miles.


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