Blocking spam comments

As I use WordPress each week to post blogs to my website, I am impressed again and again with each new feature that I find.  One of the latest features that I’ve discovered is the ability to “blacklist” certain comment posters.

I believe that the ability for readers to post comments is a wonderful tool that enables me to receive inputs on my posts and to hear constructive criticism.  However, you can’t imagine the number of “troll” programs that are out there that try to automatically post comments each day.  I must receive 3 or 4 a day posts for Viagra, time share condos in Costa Rica, this or that online referral tool or some crazy diet program.  Luckily, the WordPress program catches most of these “spam” and “troll” message posts and automatically sends them to the spam bin.  But, some of these trolls are tricky and don’t use the tell-tale signs of typical trolls; they try to imposter themselves as “normal people.”

Well, I was so delighted to find today that WordPress allows me to blacklist not only IP addresses, but entire URL addresses, email addresses and even full or partial names.  In this way, I’ll never have to read the rants of these stalker trolls again; their trash messages go straight to the spam bin.

Once again, thanks WordPress, you do put out one fine product.


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