coffee at the Castle

“Let’s have a cup of coffee,” I said.  Lojze shrugged his shoulders, “Or we could get a coffee in town.”  Certainly, the 5 euro per cup price was steep, but what you’re paying for is the view.  “I insist, it’s on me,” I replied knowing that I had to have a cup of coffee here.  How often does one find oneself at a cafe, inside of a castle, on a patio overlooking some of the most beautiful countryside in the world?  It was indeed a fine cup of coffee.

Sabina shot away with her Cannon & Lojze and I sipped our drinks.  She was getting a bit artsy and did a superb job capturing the castle; she does have a good eye for photos.  The sun was out and it was warm and pleasant.  I tried to savor the moment and soak in the atmosphere.

Later we visited the museum and the chapel inside the castle grounds.  I found the history of the area quite interesting; the Slavs moved into this area in the 6th or 7th Centuries A.D. and displaced or absorbed the previous inhabitants.  The museum had a lot of beautiful artifacts from the bronze age as well as more recent finds.  Sabina and I both took a lot of shots but as hers are on an SLR and have a much nicer look, I used her photos for this post.  The last two pics are inside the medieval printing shop and the monk’s wine shop.  While we didn’t buy any wine from the monks, I did pick up some antique looking post cards.


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