Sand Dune Surfing

… our travel group: Michelle, Trine, Ronnie, Me, Iris, Jenna, Nicole, Andrea and Iain…

We were all excited when Mick told us that part of our tour would include a chance to snow board down a sand dune.  When Mick said that the Lancelin Dunes are next to a beautiful beach I don’t think that he exaggerated at all.  When we climbed out of the bus and first saw the water there were lots of “oohs” and “ahs” because the ocean and white sand were so beautiful.  We paused for a group photo (above) before heading to the top of the tall sand dune (below).

From atop the sand dune we looked out over the beach and it was very beautiful; everyone snapped photos and we dared each other to go first.  Mick announced that we were only allowed to ride the snow boards sitting down because too many travelers had been injured standing up.  But I wanted to ride standing up like I had done almost a decade earlier in Dubai.  I told Mick that I was intentionally ignoring his direction, absolved him and the company of any liability and then took the plunge down the hill (below).

I didn’t make it very far before I fell off.  Unlike Dubai, I didn’t have any foot bindings and turning the board was very difficult.  I took a second run and did a lot better making it almost all the way to the bottom.

One of the girls tried it standing up but everyone else rode the snow board sitting down and they got going pretty fast.  Fast enough so that I wanted to try it so I went back to the top and made a run sitting down.  I’ll have to admit that it got going fast enough to get a little adrenaline going.  It was an exciting ride and with the beautiful view it was really a fun event.


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