Iraqi Bedouin


While I’ve been talking about the Indian Bedouins and their single stringed Ranatar instrument, I decided to get the jump on 2005 and post this video of an Iraqi Bedouin as he plays his single string instrument.  This guitar seems to have been made from an old gas can.  The video was shot in May 2005 by one of my soldiers (yeah, even I was in the Army once) SPC Chaffino.  Chaffi was (is) a good troop and I was glad that he captured this as I didn’t think to at the time.

Video was shot in south Iraq, between Safwan and Umm Qasr in the Basrah province.  I noticed similarities in the musical instruments and styles of the Bedouins who range from the northwest of Africa all the way to India.  I suppose that these guys were the 18 wheel truckers of the last millenium and their influence and culture mixed as the camel trade brought spices, silk, and salt back and forth across Asia, Europe, and North Africa.

Kris, hope you enjoy this jam!  LOL



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