North Gobi

Our drive into the north of the Gobi Desert continued.  The roads still had snow but it became thinner and we began to see more dirt.  The further we got from Ulaanbaatar, the fewer people we saw.  By the afternoon, we had not seen another living soul for 4 or 5 hours until we passed this SUV.

The temperatures continued to warm as we pushed further and further south.  The high in Baga Gazriin yesterday was 18 degrees celcius, the high in this area was about 14 degrees.  Looking through my photos I came across this photo that caught me in the side mirror.  It had the background landscape as well as a shot of me so I thought I’d include it for the family.  We drove for 10 hours two days in a row and crossed hundreds of miles.  The landscape was barren but beautiful.


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