Bacchus Tavern

I couldn’t hardly believe my eyes: a tavern in the middle of a castle?  This, I will have to check out.  I made my way to the Bacchus Restaurant and Bar, following the small sign that I saw in an obscure alley way.  The establishment is housed inside an old gunpowder magazine that was built by Grand Master Fra Martino  Redin between 1657 and 1660.  The magazine (now tavern) was built between the original Roman settlement walls dating to the 1st Century and the Arab wall dating to the 10th Century.

Having a cold beer inside of a an old and historic building inside of a castled-city just sounded divine.  I worked my way to the restaurant and found it the decorations to be neat and rustic.

There were not many restaurant patrons in the early afternoon – but the bar had a lively crowd.  I settled in and decided to try one of the home brews.

Later, I sat in the courtyard and struck up a conversation with some German travelers.  I was entranced with the idea of “hanging out” in such an old building, they seemed more interested in the beer than the history!


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