Australia is EXPENSIVE!

As I’ve posted earlier, things are expensive in Australia.  Of course I’m in the tourist district so food and drink costs more than outside of the city center but in talking to Australians, shopping at the mall and watching adverts on the TV I can see the high cost of living here.  It bites even worse due to the unfavorable exchange rate.  Only 18 months ago an Aussie dollar would have cost me .80 cents.  Today it hit an all time high of $1.10!  Australia pretty much missed the 2008 world recession and houses in the suburbs around Perth are selling for about a million (three bedroom condo).

In the photo above, aimed at smokers, the price of a pack of smokes is indicated.  At first I thought that they must mean for a carton but I checked with some smokers and sure enough, a pack of smokes costs $15 Australian dollars.  That’s about $16.50 US dollars per pack!  Can you imagine paying $100+ for a carton of smokes?  Some other prices, $4 for a small coffee, $1.50 for a post-card stamp and $8 for a beer.  Yes, a six pack is $50!!!

Another thing about Australia – you can’t find free internet anywhere.  Coffee shops, restaurants and similar type shops DO NOT offer net.  Everything is pay by hour (about $5 per hour).  Ouch.

I’m glad to visit but I won’t be coming back to Australia until the exchange rate improves or unless I’m staying with friends!


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