Mohawked Pigeon

I thought that they were some kind of partridge but tour guide Reg says that they are Spinifex Pigeons.  The Spinifex plant lis sorta like a cactus and covers much of the ground out here.  They are quite beautiful and a few stopped for a handout of bread and I was able to catch some decent shots of them (it is a LOT harder to shoot bird pics than most people realize).

There are two types of Spinifex Pigeons, the white bellied (shown here) and a red version that lives only on the western coast of Australia.  These fellows were quite active and ran around looking for any tourist crumbs or handouts.  One of my fellow travelers tempted some with a cracker and sure enough, they ate right from his hand:

I’d never expected to see a pigeon with a Mohawk but you never know what you’ll find in Australia!


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