my tour guide Baatar

Throughout this tour, we spent countless hours on horseback, in our Scooby-Doo van driving across the Mongolian countryside, and while sitting in our hunting lodge.  Without the distractions of radio, television, and internet, I had a lot of time to talk and share stories with my tour guide Baatar.  He was a wealth of knowledge and I really appreciated the history and stories that he shared with me along the way.

In our van, we most often we drove on roads that were no more than the tire tracks left in the snow by the vehicle that passed earlier in the day or maybe even from the day previous.  Sometimes, we had to make our way across the snow and make our own tracks.  It was always preferable to follow in another truck’s tracks so that you don’t run into any “surprises” in the snow.

I was very impressed with Baatar’s  knowledge of history; not only Mongolian history but Chinese and Russian history as well.  We talked and talked for hours and I learned much from him.  He was an excellent guide and really took good care of me on this trip.  I captured the photo above on our drive back to Ulgi from Altai Village.

For anyone reading this blog who is interested in a tour in Mongolia, whether it be to the Gobi Desert or to Bayan Ulgi, Baatar can be found at Nomadic Expeditions in Ulaanbaatar:

As always, the scenery impressed me with its varied diversity in colors and beauty.


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