monkeys at the Taj Mahal

Outside of the Taj Mahal, a long entry path leads through a park that is crawling with monkeys.  It has become a tourist draw to bring or buy food and then feed the monkeys.  The only problem is, these monkeys are not only smart, they are quite aggressive.  I was told of stories of women reaching into their purses to pull out a banana and when the monkey saw other bananas in the purse, he snatched it and climbed into the tree with it.  I made sure to only take food out of my bag when the monkeys weren’t looking but one skeptical monkey (below) charged me and snarled and showed his teeth.  I jumped back and the resulting photo, while blurred, captured the “aggressive” look on his face.

One couple came by on a moped and threw bread as they drove causing a near stampede of monkeys (photo & video below).



Further along the path vendors sold all sorts of snacks and nuts.  I thought that this man and his tray of snacks made a very nice photo.  I tried some of the dried peas he had and they were pretty good.

As I approached the entry gate to the Taj Mahal I worked my way into the crowd.  I was finally getting used to the confinement of the crowd and the pushing and shoving; personal space is not appreciated in India.


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