My Bucket List

I’ve seen bucket lists on a few blog sites and I thought that I would add mine. It is a rough list for now but I’ll add to it as other adventures come to mind. Of course, all are travel related and in no particular order:

  • Pilot myself in an around the world flight
  • Visit Antarctica
  • See the Aurora Borealis
  • Visit Rio de Jinero in Brazil
  • Visit the Seychelle Islands
  • Visit Babylon
  • See Jerusalem and the Dead Sea
  • Go on an African Big Game Safari
  • Walk or bike across America
  • Drive Route 66
  • Start a family
  • Take my grandkids on holiday
  • Take my extended family on a Mediterranean cruise
  • Visit New Zealand
  • Follow the route of the Motorcycle Diaries
  • Go Moose hunting in Alaska or Canada
  • Go Elk hunting
  • Visit South Africa
  • Master Spanish
  • Live in Russia or Ukraine and learn Russian fluently
  • Visit Gibraltar
  • Visit the Azore Islands
  • Visit Spain and Portugal
  • Visit Slovakia
  • Visit Finland
  • Travel to Sweden and research the ancestors from there
  • Finish my Masters Degree
  • Get accepted into a PhD program
  • See the airplanes land over the beach in St. Martin
  • Visit Petra, Jordan
  • Retire early – or be able to retire early
  • Buy an airplane
  • Visit Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City (1998)
  • Walk the Great Wall of China (1998)
  • See the Pyramids in Egypt (1999)
  • Learn how to fly an airplane (2001)
  • Climb a volcano (2002)
  • Drive to Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and Arches National Park (2002)
  • Visit Ankor Wat (2004)
  • Visit Machu Picchu in Peru (2006)
  • Fly over the Nazca Lines, Peru (2006)
  • Visit Malta (2007)
  • Visit Slovenia (2007)
  • Visit Croatia (2008)
  • See the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi’an, China (2009)
  • Travel the trans-Siberian Railroad (2009)
  • Visit Mongolia (2009)
  • Tour the Gobi Desert(2009)
  • Eagle Hunt with the Mongolian Kazakhs (2009)
  • Experience Chinese New Year in China (2010)
  • Visit Australia (2011)
  • Visit Ayer’s Rock (2011)
  • See a tornado
  • Swim with Whale Sharks (2011)
  • Visit the Sydney Opera House (2011)
  • Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef (2011)

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2 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. :) I wish to see Babylon too someday and walk the streets of Jerusalem and follow the trail that Sherlock Holmes did in the Scandinavian mountains and climb up on the world’s highest plateu in Tibet (Pamir) called the roof of the world, and be inside a pyramid, and stand on the banks of a Himalayan lake at Amarnath and lie on the grass in a park in the US and watch the sky from that position :) I have lived in snake infested tropics and we never ever lie or sit on the grass here

    • LOL – yes, you don’t lay down in some places. Have you ever read Mark Twain’s The Innocents Abroad? It is his bibliographical account of the adventures he found on the world’s first luxury cruise (akin to the big white cruise ships we see today in the world’s favorite ports). On this cruise, he sailed from New York to the Azores, Gibraltar, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Russia (Ukraine), Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, etc. It was a few month trip and his explanations of the people – while quite politically incorrect by today’s standards – are really quite hysterical. Interestingly, many of the places have changed a lot, and some haven’t changed at all.

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