Since I was a kid I always enjoyed vacation. Heck, who doesn’t? But there’s something about the freedom of holiday; you don’t have to get up the next morning to do something dreaded (work or school) and there is a new adventure around each corner.

Aside from yearly visits driving up California, down to Mexico, or across the US, I didn’t get to take my first “real” travel adventure until I was 16 years old. I went to Norway to visit my cousin and stayed for 1/2 of the summer between my Junior and Senior years in High School. I was hooked.

It wouldn’t be another 10 years before I was able to go overseas again but I compensated with a 13 country European rail tour. That was the trip that really put me over the edge regarding travel. I don’t suppose I ever came home from that vacation and I’ve been actively travelling for about 13 years now.

For Americans, the biggest hurdle to travel is getting time off from work. I’ve developed some “tricks” to get out of work and I’ll post some of those later. Really, the #1 factor in getting to travel is having an overseas job, or finding a job with very LIBERAL holiday allowances. It’s not easy, but if you look hard and long enough, it can be found. It took me a decade, but I focused on it and I was able to find a job that allows travel.

I currently split my time between the US, working overseas assignments, and actively travelling this planet. My friends and family think I’ve seen a lot but when I look at the map, I feel like I’ve only seen a quarter of this globe.

This blog was originally written for close friends and family but lately it has grown legs of its own. If you travel actively, or only dream about it, I hope that my stories, photos, and travel hints serve as an inspiration for you to get out of your native country and to go and see the world!

Happy travels!

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  1. Or you can get a job as a university professor, do you time early on, get tenure and promotion, and then have travel time galore! It took me about 6 years to get to where I needed to be to have enough time to travel freely…


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