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The night before we left Coral Bay, some other travelers saw that a kangaroo had been hit by a car. When they approached, they could see that the mother was dead but the baby was still alive; its little head was sticking out of the pouch! They secured the baby and brought it back to the lodge.

Kim, one of the tour guides, knew just what to do. She wrapped the little Joey (as I’d later learned that bay kangaroos are called) tightly in a towel and covered his head up. You are supposed to cover them up so that they don’t see too much and aren’t overly traumatized. The baby Joey took some water from a dropper and went to sleep.

The next morning (above), it was quite curious and kept poking its head out of the towel as if it wanted to see what was going on. I grabbed my camera to get some shots and I was quite surprised as the little creature exhibited none of the characteristics that I expected. Rather than a quiet little “soft” creature, this Joey was more like a lizard that had popped from one of the pods on the movie Alien. It had a whip like tail that seemed to have a mind of its own that occasionally snaked out above the Joey’s head and slithered around like an alien reptile tentacle. The Joey hissed with a sound that sounded more like an extraterrestrial than a marsupial.

Of course there was a huge gaggle of tourists (us) crowding around trying to get a look at the little pouch-dweller. Andrea was worried that he would become too traumatized and might not survive the ordeal. In the photo above you can see him fighting to get free of the towel that Kim was holding him in; he probably wanted to get down and bound away. Unfortunately, without his mother’s milk he wouldn’t last for very long and would likely succumb to a predator animal.

Later, we learned that Kim dropped him off at a the Greenough Wildlife and Bird Park – a designated stop on the bus ride back to Perth. From last check, this little guy is living the life of luxury at the animal park. In the photo below he finally calmed down a bit and relaxed so that we could capture his photo.


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