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Back in Dubai!

I’m back on the road again – currently on transit in Dubai, heading back to the United States.  On my flight into Dubai today I noticed a British man ahead of me reading an English newspaper; on the top of the page I saw the headline “Israel Gets Away With Murder.”

I thought about this headline and a recent interaction I’d had with friends on Facebook this week.  A South African friend had posted about some Israeli casualties in the war of occupation in the West Bank and Gaza.  I posted a dissenting view, specifically that Israel was the aggressor in the conflict.  I have now lived and worked in the Middle East for over 5 years and I see that I have a very different view of this region than my friends and family do.

In watching “non-United States” television and news I can see that the average American sees news that is completely different from the rest of the world.  This is probably why America was the only country to vote against a recent UN condemnation of Israeli building of settlements in the occupied territories.  America stands alone in supporting Israel – regardless of their policy – and the rest of the world wonders why.  While in America, as I watch the news, I find that there is NO negative coverage of Israel.  In essence, the American public only sees 1/2 of the story.

As I sit in my hotel in Dubai, I have a chance to watch news from the “other side,” specifically: Al Jazeera.  Al Jazeera, unfortunately, is not yet available in the United States.  Too bad, its coverage of the news is much more balanced than CNN, FOX OR the other main American channels.  And, like the BBC, it covers news stories much more in-depth than the average US news program.  I see on Al Jazeera tonight interviews with Libyan officials, coverage of issues in Afghanistan, Iraq and Egypt.  CNN & FOX?  Linsey Lohan has changed her name.  Really?  That’s news.  What a shame.


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20,000 hits
Back in Dubai!

4 thoughts on “What’s in the news

  1. You’re right on the money. I haven’t lived in the US for several years now, but whenever I am home I’m always sort of shocked by the news and how unbalanced it has become. I can’t hardly watch Fox news for more than five minutes without shouting at the screen and going into a rage, and the other networks are only slightly better. I keep wondering when people will wake up and want fair, balanced coverage instead of being entertained.

    • I’m currently in a debate with friends of friends who are arguing with me that FOX is actually balanced. Of course, they have no idea as they have never seen “non-US” news. I am amazed at how brainwashed the American public is (my own friends and family included). Sorry to say it guys, but its true.

  2. Scott, did you see the Wikileaks stuff on Al Jazeera? They’re less impartial than the BBC because, it appears from Wikileaks, the US can apply pressure to the government to rein back on certain items. I am always amazed by the lack of any international coverage in US media, to be honest, though I guess you do have a big country ;-)

    • The BBC is less censored than the US news is but it really is amazing to see how night and day the coverage around the rest of the world is. It is as certain as the sun rising, any news that is critical of Israel will be censored in the US news.

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