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Dubai skyline
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The Dubai Mall opened just a year or two ago and despite my numerous visits to Dubai, I had not yet visited.  As I had a little time on this trip, I thought that I would make my way over to do some shopping and “see the sights.”  The mall is indeed big; four stories tall with every amenity that should be in a mall, and then some more.

The mall receives about 750,000 visitors every week.  That’s about 100,000 per day!  With over 1,200 shops to choose from, it would take weeks to shop through them all – I’m sure it is paradise for many women.

I wandered around for hours – literally.  Somewhere around the 1/2 way mark, I came across a 3 story waterfall!  Its cascading water echoed down the halls and the smell of slightly chlorinated water gave the entire place a “swimming pool feel.”

As I wandered around some more, I came across the world-famous Dubai Mall Aquarium.  Standing two stories high and stretching the length of one wing, this is indeed a massive fish tank.  I watched for a while as all sorts of salt water fish and sharks swam about.  I wondered what a mess it would be if that glass ever cracked…

In the photo below you can see a shark swimming above the little boy on the right side.

After lunch at a boutique style Lebanese restaurant (yes, the food was amazing), I decided to watch a movie.  I walked for another hour or so, following the signs towards the movie theater and somewhere around the Hockey Rink I knew I was lost.  Finally, after searching around for another 15 minutes I found the movie theater.  All 3 floors of it!  The theater is massive and had more screens than I could count.

I ended up watching Matt Damon in “Green Zone” after several good reviews from old military buddies and guys who still work over there.  They said it was spot on.  After watching it, I agree.  It was spot on.  Unfortunately, as bad as it painted the Fiasco in Iraq, it only scratched the surface.  In his book Fiasco Ricks tells how bad it really was.  He even gives the inside scoop on the “fictional” story line in “Green Zone” that wasn’t as fictional as I originally thought.

After the movie, I continued on my path, walking through the mall.  After another hour or so, I saw a sign that indicated that there was still more mall to see.  I was tired, it had been a long day and I don’t need to see the whole mall in one day.  I headed to the nearest exit to catch a cab back to the hotel.  I’m sure I’ll be back on my next visit though as this place has everything you could possibly need: shopping, food, movies, sport and even the fish!


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Dubai skyline
cute little hedgehog

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