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cure for a New Year hangover
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There is a huge difference in the customs and practice of public hygiene in China versus most western countries.  In America, public urination could result in a fine or being arrested by the police.  But in China, it is commonplace.  I can’t count the number of times I saw men casually walk over to the edge of a building or in an alley, whip our their willy and just hose away.  There seems to be an exceptional tolerance for children using the toilet as it is common for parents to untrap their children’s hinged bottom flap on their pants and let them dump or pee wherever they happen to be at the moment.

In the photo above, this woman was having her child relieve him/herself right in the middle of the walking street in Yangshuo.  I almost tripped right over them as we walked through.  Mind you, this is in a HEAVY traffic area and right in front of shops and vendor’s stalls (I shot the photo below in the same area at the same time as the photo above).  Finding a public toilet is sometimes hit and miss in China; usually the public toilets are a pay to use affair but the cost is only a few pennies.  Well, just another cultural difference to chalk up to experience…



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cure for a New Year hangover
Moon Hill

One thought on “go where you can

  1. One of the most gobsmacking examples of this we saw was at Ta Prohm, one of the earlier and most dramatic sites near Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

    A Korean couple changed their daughter’s disposable nappy, wiped, then bundled the lot and slung it.

    I don’t really mind public urination or, when needs must, defecation from small children. You know. dogs do it, and a bum flap (or the equivalent here, light trousers that get pulled down or simply changed) is a lot greener than our equivalent.

    but slinging disposables? that’s just wrong, wrong, wrong.

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