flying to Mt. Hood

how they make noodles
Back in China, again!

Finally, after some weeks of overcast weather I finally had some blue skies.  Well, mostly blue.  I headed out to the airport with great anticipation to get up into the air.  While I pre-flighted the plane,  this rainbow bloomed in the background as I checked the fuel tanks.

It took me a little while to climb to the top of Mt. Hood flying in the Cessna; I wanted to get high enough so that the strong turbulence created by the wind blowing past the mountain wouldn’t bounce us around too much.  I finally leveled of at near 12,000′ and orbited the summit a few times enjoying the scenery.

I was really impressed at how tall the snow stacked up on  the ridges of the mountain.  You can tell how strong the wind is at this altitude as it blows past the jagged peaks.

As I looked towards the north we could see Mt. Adams in the background on the other side of the Columbia River.

Heading out to the east I flew over The Dalles and its large dam and bridge.

After a wonderful flight I turned back home; the photo below was taken as I was on final approach.  I can’t think of many things that are more fun than landing the airplane by yourself…

Back on the ground with Mt. Adams in the background.


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how they make noodles
Back in China, again!

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  1. You always look like you’re having so much fun!!! It couldn’t be …because you are?!! what fun …flying over snow covered mountains. Thanks for the pics and explanations…it’s like I was there, too.

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